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Bangsaray 2022

Thailand Asia Powerboat Championship 2022

11th-14th May 2022

Location: Bangsaray Beach, Chon Buri
Champion: Campbell Jenkins
Racers :Campbell Jenkins | Somphong Sriket | Clement Tham | Rob Greenbank | Adam Rhodes | AE Supachai | Haniff Borhan

The APA restarted its international inshore circuit series post Covid-19 in Thailand 11th-15th May 2022. The event was held on Bangsaray Beach in association with Idemitsu Thailand Powerboat and saw 7 racers from 6 nations compete to become the champion of Thailand.

The event was held on an inshore circuit just off the beautiful Bangsaray Beach in Chon Buri Thailand. Experienced APA racer Campbell Jenkins was joined by 6 other first time APA racers that ranged from a Thai powerboat champion, Somphong Sriket, to a Singaporean jet ski racer, Clement Tham, to a Malaysian rally driver and boat racer, Haniff Borhan, and Thai powerboat veteran Ae Supachai. Two newcomers to the world of racing on water also joined the series British racer Adam Rhodes and Italian Rob Greenbank raced in their first powerboat event. After getting to grips with the APAs all new 14ft T750 monohull raceboat during Thursday’s practice the racers were ready for the 2 day championship to begin.

Day 1 saw 4 fiercely competitive races with thrilling overtakes and some exceptionally tight lines. The champion of the day was Australia’s Campbell Jenkins who finished first in 3 of the 4 races. There was still much to play for as the series operates on a points system, on day 2 Somphong Sriket managed to close the gap on Campbell and the crowds were enthralled with a battle for the top spot. Despite his best efforts Somphong couldn’t quite beat Campbell and after a nail biting final Campbell took the series by 2 points, Somphong Sriket finished second and Clement Tham third.

The APA partnered with Idemitsu Powerboat Thailand to hold this event and their racers took part in a round island marathon race after the final race of the APA championship. This long course took competitors around a nearby island before returning to the beach. At approximately an hour this is much longer than a typical APA race. Our competitors were joined by those competing in the Idemitsu event.

Thailand 2022 – Race Results

POS Driver # Country Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Total
1st Campbell Jenkins 6 AUS 90 100 100 100 81 66 536
2nd Somphong Sriket 4 THA 100 81 90 81 100 81 532
3rd Clement Tham 5 SGP 81 73 73 51 90 90 427
4th Rob Greenbank 6 ITA 73 DNS 66 73 73 100 385
5th Adam Rhodes 2 GBR 66 66 53 DNF 59 59 356
6th AE Supachai 8 THA 59 90 81 90 DNS DNS 320
7th Haniff Borhan 1 MYS DNS DNS 59 66 66 73 264