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Singapore Asia Powerboat Championship 2019

Watch our Asia Powerboat International racers dash around our 7 buoy race course, with amazing views from both on land and in the water. If you live in Singapore or happen to be there then this is the powerboat championship you definitely want to watch! For more details, head to our Singapore page or visit our Facebook Event Page to get the latest!

Macau Asia Powerboat Championship 2019

The highly competitive fleet of 12 one-design racing powerboats saw Britain’s Andy Wilby win the Inaugural Macau Asia Powerboat Championships. While top seed Miles Jennings (GBR) finished in 2nd place, and Erko Aabrhams (EST) in 3rd. The three-day event powerboat racing event was held at Fisherman’s Wharf this weekend (3-5 May, 2019); organised by the APA and sponsored by the Macau Legend Development Group. Visit our Macau Asia Powerboat Championship page to find out more.

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Hong Kong Asia Powerboat Championship 2018

APA’s 1st powerboat championship event was held in Hong Kong on 9-11 November in Tolo Harbour, along the Ma On Shan promenade. The three-day event saw 12 brand new Shakespeare T750 racing boats with Tohatsu 50hp engines being piloted by top international drivers. Congratulations to Drew Langdon for winning the 1st ever Hong Kong Asia Powerboat Championship!

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