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Asia Powerboat Championship (aka APA Championship) organises Powerboat Racing Championship Events that is high speed, high octane and speedster racing. Our goal is to create an International powerboating community of competitors, spectators and organisers.

Most importantly, our events are FREE for spectators and fun for all the family!

Asia Powerboat Championship attracts racers from around the world. The racing occurs over a full adrenaline filled 3 days, during 8 races the competitors will battle it out for the Champion title!

Here at Asia Powerboat Championship, we are dedicated to developing Powerboat training in the strictest and safest environment. The training of powerboat racers is done by an international racer who regularly participates in international competitions globally and it is his aim to grow this exhilarating sport in Asia.

The objective is to establish Hong Kong as the main center and training base for powerboat racing. As well as establishing an Asian country independence competition system, using Hong Kong as the first stop of the international powerboat championship.

This is not just about fun on the water; this is about the development of tourism, the introduction of special commodities and food products from around the world. Through our events, we hope to encourage and inspire young people’s interest in water sports and entice boat lovers.

The Asia Powerboat Championship is looking to hold regular Asia Multinational International Tournaments in Hong Kong and other Asia countries. If you would like more information about becoming a host country, then please contact us.

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